Virtual Data Rooms (v-hub™)

Northpoint Printing provides highly secure
v-hub™ Virtual Data Rooms (VDR's), designed to put you in total control, accelerate the due diligence process and maximise value. Very simple to use and maintain and more importantly easy to administer, you can add as many users as you need and upload thousands of documents and pages without the site becoming complicated. Your company does not need to download any software and there are no plug-ins. It really is you just using your PC skills - the site replicates the familiar Windows folder structure so that you can upload folders directly from your desktop straight into your data room.

Developed specifically with M&A participants in mind our v-hub™ VDR reporting options, the ability to monitor users’ movements and the ease with which documents can be found not only gives the sellers intelligence but also the bidders flexibility.

v-hub™ is hosted in a fully accredited ISO27001 data centre, giving you the full protection of operating with the World’s only VDR system that guarantees independently certified end-to-end security.

As administrator of the data room you control who has access and who can modify and amend documents.

Going hand in hand with security, compliance and proof of disclosure our VDR's give you the ability to retrieve and archive any report at any time. You can produce a full audit trail of who has been looking at which document, for how long and if they printed or downloaded a document. These reports can be varied to your specifications – regardless of whether you need reports on each person or on each document.

There is also the invaluable Q&A - deal administrators can assign roles to due diligence participants instantly and increase competition amongst bidders by choosing which questions and answers to reveal to the VDR users and when to reveal them.

For more information on v-hub™ or to arrange a demonstration please contact Philip Underhill on:
+44 (0)20 7283 4060

Key Features

your v-hub™ can be set up and ready to work on in under 30 minutes

users can be added, removed and given specific rights instantly by your administrator

dynamic flagging system - each user is immediately alerted to new or modified uploads

invaluable Q&A feature - questions immediately directed to the appropriate participant

hosted in fully accredited and certified ISO27001 data centre

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